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Blogging - December 25, 2018

Best Free Blogging Platforms 2019

How to Choose Best Blogging Platforms in 2019.

Hi Everyone.

Welcome to my article regarding “best free blogging platforms”. There are two things to learn about blogging, First, “What is blogging”, Second, “what is a blogging platform”.

As in earlier times, its usually said that everybody has a story in him/her. Nowadays, everyone has a blog in him/her. Everyone’s thoughts and perspectives are different, expressions of those thoughts and sharing of those thoughts are blogs. That can be related to fashion, education, something selling, morality building or maybe something else. And the place where we put our blogs is called blogging platforms.

There are many free blogging platforms to get started and although it is though to choose among them. Selection of blogging platform is based on your type blog, that what you want to get from your blog. There are few things to look before the selection of platform.

  • What type of data you want to share i.e education, general knowledge or selling something.
  • Do you want to use ready designs and want to customize your blog or website on your own.
  • Your blog is just for knowledge sharing purpose or you want to earn money from that blog.
  • As a beginner, you need a platform that is easy to manage and does not require any coding skills.
  • Your blogging platform must have the potential to groom because as your blog get to grow, you need to change or upgrade your blog.

Best Blogging Platforms.

Following is the list of best free blogging platforms.

  • Blogger
  • Wix
  • Joomla
  • Tumbler
  • Medium
  • Weebly
  • Squarespace
  • Ghost

Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of every platform one by one.

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best free blogging platform

Blogger is the longest running free blogging platform managed by Google in 2003.


It provides a quick and convenient solution to new and non-tech users.

  • As the name of blogger its suggests the blog itself, so you just need a Google ID to step in and you will have a blog on your fingertips.
  • Your ready blog will come up with the customized themes.


With these pros of blogger platform, there are also some cons of blogger platform.

  • You are limited to some basic blogging tools and unable to add new feature according to the need of your blog.
  • Secondly, design options are fewer, third-party templates are often low quality.
  • Third, Google can suspend your blog any time on any violation without any prior notification.

Best Free Blogging Platform

Sometimes user gets confused in between and These both are separate medium.

Sometimes new user found hectic to use but this platform provides a high mix of customization, power, and usability. is an open source self-hosted solution, which means you need to signup with WordPress hosting provider.


  • gives to full control over your website.
  • There are tons of free and premium themes from WordPress and third-party to customize your website.
  • You can add extra features to your websites like forums, e-commerce and registration options.
  • There are more than 47000 free plugins, which allow you to add new king features.
  • And the most important feature of is, it is highly to search engine friendly.


  • In order to manage your website in, you must have some basic knowledge of development.
  • You will have to manage your backup and security by yourself.


Best Free Blogging Platform

Wix is hosted ready platform. You don’t need to buy any hosting or domain to have your blog on


  • This is a simple drag-and-drop function based platform with properties of HTML 5.
  • You get 500 MB free storage and 1 GB  bandwidth with free Wix account.
  • There are tons of templated made by more than 400 designers for ready customization of your blog.


  • You cannot run the custom advertisement on your blog.
  • Free third-party apps are limited.
  • Template can’t be changed after setting your website.
  • Online store or e-commerce features are limited to paid plans, and even paid features are also limited.

Best Free Blogging Platform is a third most powerful platform for blogging. Basic account is free and contains advertisements and branding. Most hosting providing company provides one-click install to WordPress software to install from their c-panel.


  • No setup required and very easy to use and manage.


  • There are fewer option to extend your blog.
  • You basically don’t own your blog and can suspend your blog any time in case of any violation according to their terms and conditions.


Joomla is also an open source blogging platform just like You also need to buy domain and hosting to use powerful platform of Joomla.


  • Joomla is very flexible to create any time of blog and website.
  • There are hundreds of themes to apply on your website.
  • Multiple add-ons (extensions) are available to add extra features to your website.


  • Joomla collection is much limited than, so there are lesser themes, templates, and extensions as compared to
  • Even paid supports and costly to afford.
  • And just like WordPress, you have to manage your security and backups on your own.


Tumblr is mix flavour type blogging platform. It is in between twitter and wordpress. This platform is very easy to use. Tumblr app makes data  upload on the fingertips from anywhere on the go. Tumblr recently put the ban the adult content, so porn bots will no more is a problem on Tumblr.


  • Tumblr account is free to use and very easy to use like any social app.
  • Tumblr is microblogging blog that makes it easy to post videos, images and gift easily.


  • Tumblr has very limited features, you can’t mold the setting as per your requirements.
  • There are many available themes on Tumblr, but you can’t add additional features.
  • To keep backup from Tumblr blog is very difficult.


Medium platform was introduced by founder of Twitter in 2012. It is also microblogging type platform. If you want to express your thought to a certain community, then it is best place to share.


  • Medium is easy to use, no setup requires.
  • Medium has established community, you just find community according to your content and fields and start sharing.
  • It has some social features also.


  • Design and themes are very limited.
  • All communities are under ownership of Medium, if you lose our account, you will lose all of your followers.
  • Medium don’t have adds feature, means if you want to earn something from blogging, don’t choose Medium.


Best Free Blogging Platform

Weebly is drop-and-drag based blogging platform. Weebly also have customizable layouts and lots of free themes. This is hosted platform with website builder.


  • Easy to use, no technical skills required.
  • Weebly will self host your blog or website. So you don’t need to buy hosting.
  • Weebly’s free account allow you to try the services before you buy any premium service.


  • You are only limited to few pre installed feature. You can’t add additional features.
  • Transfer of your blog from Weebly to another platform is very difficult.
  • Third party integration is limited.


Squarespace is also drag-and-drop layout based platform. But you can buy separate domain for your blog with SSL certificates and e-commerce stores option.


  • This platform is easy to setup even for beginners with no technical skills required.
  • Squarespace has beautiful and professional designed templates.


  • Squarespace features are limited to built in features.
  • Third party integration is limited to few services.
  • The personnel plan only allow 20 pages, 1 blog and 2 administrators.


Ghost is open source platform and slightly different from others. This platform is like software, your can install and host the platform by yourself. How much you pay to ghost depend upon how much traffic came to your blog.


  • Ghost is designed in JavaScript, So it is super fast.
  • You can host your blog by yourself.


  • Very difficult to integrate with apps.
  • The user interface is very simplified.
  • Themes are very fewer.
  • Somehow complicated to use.


I have wrote about 10 platforms, there are many more like,, LiveJournal, Svbtle etc.

But in these days, everyone want to earn something, if he/she is putting efforts in maintaining a blog or website. So i believe that WordPress platforms are most powerful platform among the all in all aspect. Rest the choice is yours.

I hope, this article will help you in any aspect. Stay connected and work hard.

Love for all………………………

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