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SEO - October 31, 2018

7 Factors of SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

The Factor of SEO Knowledge You Must Have To Be Successful

There are many segments in SEO, which a blogger must know to get successful in long-term. SEO still have a major role in getting traffic on the blog. In this article, I am describing more than factors of SEO,

Thus SEO demand a high level of knowledge and expertise in all areas of SEO.

It takes time and yes, it is also a high level of dedication to become fully expert in SEO. Following are more than ten fields you must go for successful SEO.

  1. Keyword Research

Keyword research is an essential element of SEO. Without keyword research, blogging is like traveling without targeting the destination.

While doing keyword research, we are actually going audience research. That what are the needs of our audience. Once we know the audience requirement, it becomes easy to develop or create our content. That will set our goal (destination) for creating content (like engagement, lead, sale, purchase, marketing, teaching etc).

Whether you work for a single client or wide range of customers, you must have the expertise to see business goals that what your customer needs from you. That will help to target your audience and to provide exact leads to your client goal.


  1. Know Your Competitors.

The secondly most important factor after setting your goals is to know your competitors. That what level of services or content your competitors are providing. On this ground, you may decide to change your niche or give a better advice to your client for coming challenges.

For example, if we take the example of whatmobile.com and gsmarena.com. On my personal judgment, gsmarena.com is the choice of most visitors because it provides a multilevel option to their client. They profile complete information about mobile phone and also provide comparison option between different gadget.

Now for example, if you want to create a website on a mobile phone, then you must add more features than your competitor to become successful.

So now your audience and competitor research is completed, now you need to check more parameter for successful SEO.


  1. Web Analytics.

Suppose you have your audience knowledge, you have created your blog or website. Now you need to track your website that how it is performing. Either it is easily accessible, coming in Google search. Your keywords are ranking or not?. From where your traffic is coming?. How much time visitor is spending on your website?. What is bounce rate?

Getting the answer to all these questions is called web analytics. There are many free and paid tools for web analytics. But the most trusted tool is Google Analytics. You need to register on Google Analytics website and register your URL over there. Google Analytics will show you the entire results of your website.


  1. Indexing.

Is now becoming a major factor in SEO. Indexing means how early your website goes live with search engines. How fast Google crawlers crawl your website.

For faster indexing, you need to submit your website on Google Webmaster Tool, Bing search console and many other directories.

You need to submit your sitemap to Google and Bing for faster indexing.




  1. International SEO

International SEO also matters more in high-level SEO. Like if you made your website in French languages, then the visitor from other countries will be unable to read your content. You must add a translation feature on your website so that it can be accessible for whole words.

There are many other factors regarding international SEO, like

  • Hosting
  • Top Level Domains
  • Hreflang Tags.

If you want to have an international focus on your website, then you must focus on the above factors.


  1. HTML

For a bird’s eye view, there is no role of HTML is SEO. But an exclusive knowledge of HTML is mandatory to tackle with coding issues putting hurdles in SEO, like you may need to fix the problems with AJAX, javascript or troubleshoot the issued caused by a CMS.

The expertise to tackle the issued with coding and tagging is mandatory to be an expert in SEO.


  1. On Page SEO.

On Page SEO is as important as off page SEO. In on page SEO, we need to take care of following things.

  • The prime factor is your keyword, your keyword must be in the H2 tag in first 50 words of your first paragraph.
  • The second factor is readability of paragraph. Don’t write a lengthy paragraph. After 4 or 5 lines, start a new paragraph. Put the necessary spacing between paragraphs.
  • Third, you must give linking to other websites. You must put some links from high domain authority websites. That will result in the increase of your domain authority also.
  • End your article with proper thanks note for visitors to come on your post.


  1. Link Building.

Link building or generally called backlink building having too much impact on SEO of your website. There are many ways of building backlinks. There are many free and paid tools available in the market for auto link building. But I personally recommend building manual links. You can create as many backlinks as you want by following below methods.

  • The best method for building backlinks is commenting on articles of high domain authority websites like shoutmeloud.com and tryootech.com. Write a generous comment and include your website or post link in that comment.
  • The second method is posting guest posts on some high domain authority websites. Once more I am giving the example of shoutmeloud.com. Mr. Harsh Agarwal give the opportunity of posting a guest post on their website. That will provide you with a high-quality backlink. That will increase domain credibility of your website.
  • The third method (not recommended) is to buy backlinks. Many websites provide these services. There are many freelancers on FIVERR, whose provide services of building backlinks. If you have an investment, they may be the option of getting many high-quality backlinks.


  1. Creating Mile Stones.

It is very difficult to get success very soon. You need to set your milestones. Work with dedication, analyze the things. Don’t work on all aspects at same the same time. First, make one thing perfect, and then move for the next step. Otherwise maybe your strategies collapse and results in demoralization. You may lose you work spirit and stop working. Keep working and work hard, hard and harder. Success will be all yours.



It is harder to mention all SEO strategies at once. But I tried to explain the basics of SEO in this article. Obviously, SEO processes are becoming complex day by day. So it becomes much understood that you need to master in all aspects of SEO. Ending this article with best wishes for you.


All I need from you in return is your love. Thanks for coming on my article. Please keep coming. I feel happy to share my knowledge with the audience like YOU. LOVE FOR ALL………..





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